Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Cold Air Bath... Ben Franklin used to do it..

In Philadelphia back in the times when Benjamin Franklin lived, he used to take cold air baths each morning in his room. According to The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary, he was sure that fresh air was important to your health. Franklin wrote to Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg who was a French physician saying, "I rise early almost every morning and sit in my chamber, without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season, either reading or writing."

In relation to a air bath is a cold air bath. It is a relaxing method used to expose your body to fresh air and can raise your metabolism. Cold air baths help also to open your pores if you take a warm bath first and then a cold air bath.

A cold air bath entails exposing the nude body to the air.

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton made the point that taking these cold air baths can help raise metabolism by 50 in just ten minutes where as Thyroid extract which is a stimulant of metabolism can take up to a year to achieve. He continues to say, "An air-bath of twenty minutes duration reduces the hydrogen-ion content of the blood to normal. No drug method known can do this in any length of time."

Dr. Shelton continues to say, "Air baths, accompanied by gymnastic exercise, which are more pleasantly practiced in a state of nudity, will do much to add to the health of everyone.The air bath should be pleasant and if it is taken progressively will prove to be so. Its duration must depend on the temperature and on the condition of the patient. The patient must not be permitted to chill. Should chilling occur, no time should be lost in securing proper warmth."

He also mentions when you are a beginner of taking air baths it is best to make them short.

It is new to our bodies and patients that are delicate or sensitive sometimes cannot handle more than three minutes in the beginning. The Best thing is to do it in moderation.

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