Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Perfect Bubble Bath...

Bubble Baths! Yey! My Favorite!

Want to be like this guy? Hehe.

A Few Tips That Make The Best Bubble Bath:

  • First, you need the bubbles! Get as much as you can! (I love to use Mr. Bubbles)
  • A glass of wine or beer. (Be careful with the glass in the bathtub)
  • Candles, or better yet, floating candles
  • Music that you find to be relaxing (A suggestion would be to try and find music that is calm and soothing)
  • A bath pillow for your neck while you lay in the bath
  • Bath Salts
  • Dim Lighting (If using candles that should give you enough dim lighting).
With school, work, taking care of the pets, the boyfriend and so on... by the end of the night it is time to take care of me! Even though it might be late, my "happy hour" is a bubble bath. I use all of the above tips that I have to offer. With these tips, the bath becomes a moment where I wish I could pause time.

I start by grabbing a glass of Pinot Grigio then I lock the door, light all candles, pour some Mr. Bubbles and bath salts, and put either my Chinese soothing music, Spanish guitar music or Coldplay. (Coldplay is actually really relaxing when you listen to the words and close your eyes).