Thursday, November 6, 2008

New President Obama Takes Time To Relax

Throughout his campaign, Obama has been busy running around trying to get whatever vote he can. Even with his hectic schedule, he showed the public that he can still take time to himself and to relax.

Some of the many things that he has done is hung out at the beach and go bike riding. According to, in March he took some down time during his campaign to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands where he was spotted on the beach by local tourists. This past August he took a trip with his two daughters ten-year-old Mailia, and seven-year-old Sasha and wife Michelle to Hawaii to visit his ill grandmother who he also called "tutu". While on his trip to Hawaii it was a time for him to relax and spend time with family. He also took time to visit the beach on his trip.

The day after Obama was elected president on November 5th, according to the Associated Press, he took the morning to relax and enjoy a nice
breakfast with his daughters. After his breakfast, "Obama left the house alone, clad in workout clothes, a ball cap and sunglasses, and spent an hour at a friend’s apartment building, where he uses the gym," The Associated Press said.